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  • Pertaining to the pyrometer, or to its use; ascertained or shown by means of the pyrometer.

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  • adjective (Physics) Pertaining to, or obtained by, the pyrometer

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  • adjective analytical chemistry Of, or relating to a pyrometer or pyrometry.


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  • The temperature at which cones squat, when heated at a standard rate, is known as the pyrometric cone equivalent (PCE).

    Chapter 10

  • Likewise, the same causes of cooling that operate in the everyday domain will bring objects from pyrometric temperatures down to everyday temperatures; that is precisely what happens in calorimetric pyrometry (or, when we simply leave very hot things out in cold air for a while).


  • All previously known thermometers failed in that pyrometric range, so Wedgwood felt obliged to invent a whole new measurement standard (reminiscent of Bridgman in his high-pressure laboratory).


  • The urge for conceptual extension, in the Wedgwood case, was rooted in a widespread feeling that there was a property in the pyrometric range that was continuous in its meaning with temperature in the everyday range.


  • The formulas of pyrometric Seger cones are listed in the appendix.

    16. Glaze formula calculations

  • The two most common names or manufacturers of pyrometric cones are Orton and Seger.

    Chapter 11

  • Pyrometric Cones: A pyrometric cone is made of a ceramic material that bends and deforms at a predetermined temperature.

    Chapter 9

  • Pyrometers and pyrometric cones are accurate but tend to be expensive or difficult to obtain for a small rural producer of bricks.

    Chapter 9

  • The table on pyrometric cones listed here gives only some of the available cone numbers and corresponding temperatures.

    Chapter 11

  • A pyrometric cone is a cone made of a ceramic material that will deform or bend when a predetermined temperature is reached.

    Chapter 11


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