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  • n. A Chinese system of breathing control, physical exercise and meditation.


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From Chinese Mandarin trad. 氣功, simpl. 气功 (pinyin: qìgōng)


  • Incorporate a daily movement practice such as qigong, tai chi, yoga; meditation; perform ceremonies and rituals, even just lighting a candle and offering a prayer; practice kindness and compassion; maintain a good diet and a positive attitude; and follow the Mayan Sacred Calendar - the

    Red Ice Creations

  • I ask her to retell the story of when young John Marshall grew up to be an older man, came for a special visit, and was accompanied by a renowned Chinese qigong doctor.

    The Bushman Way of Tracking God

  • The latter, exemplified by tai chi, qigong, or choreographed ecstatic dancing, may or may not tune you; it depends upon whether they are done naturally or forcefully.

    The Bushman Way of Tracking God

  • In China, there are two movement programs that have been used for thousands of years and are becoming very popular in Western cultures: t'ai chi and qigong.

    Marc B. Levin: How to Improve Your Health by Moving

  • Many masters of qigong and tai chi teach their students how to draw on “cosmic” energy that is constantly being generated in the depths of the universe.

    Manifesting Michelangelo

  • Just sixty or seventy years ago, it would have been virtually impossible for most laypeople in the West to participate in a Native American sweat lodge, practice Christian meditation or centering prayer, study Kabbalistic wisdom, engage in Sufi dancing, or learn advanced forms of yoga and qigong.

    Manifesting Michelangelo

  • Meditation, yoga, and qigong are ancient ways to re-connect with our vitality.

    Joseph Bobrow: Bounce

  • I miraculously got up in time for qigong class, despite being exhausted last night.

    and me and me i think i'm getting there

  • He looked across Taylor Street into Huntington Park, where city dogs relieved themselves on the green sod, and children played on the swings, and a half dozen Chinese seniors practiced qigong.

    Three Stages of Amazement

  • Funny how some forms of exercise (t'ai chi/qigong, yoga, swimming, climbing, running outdoors, hiking) leave me feeling so very balanced, elevated, and comforted, while lifting weights or hitting the treadmill or ski machine will do a pretty good job of de-haywiring the old serotonin factory, but they don't have the same real emotional benefits.

    February 8th, 2009


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