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  • n. The use of analogy as precedent in Shari'a jurisprudence.


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  • For example, writing commentaries on the Qu'ran, formulating jurisprudence, inventing innovative legal methods like qiyas and developed the concept of the "Islamic state."

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  • If there is no guidance to answer a question based upon the Qur'an or Sunnah, or through qiyas, only then is ijtihad supposed to be used.

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  • The basis for Islamic law, called fiqh (pronounced "fee-kay"), is first the Qur'an, then the Sunnah (which includes the various collections of ahadith, or sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)), then qiyas or analogies, and finally ijma or consensus of the scholars.

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  • That opinion is based on the Qur'an (the Islamic holy book), the hadith (sayings of Muhammad), other texts about some of Muhammad's early followers, ijma(consensus), qiyas (analogy), and personal reactions to Brittany Spears videos.

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  • Islamic law evolved during the 8th and 9th centuries from key roots of jurisprudence (usul al-fiqh) that included the Qur'an, the example of the Prophet (sunna), analogy (qiyas), and the consensus of the scholarly community (ijma¬í).


  • [Arabic: Au bar taraz khiyal wa qiyas guman wo waham.] [59] Vol. ii.

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  • Shafi'i madhahib, the differences between usuli and akhbari, fiqh, ijma, 'aql, qiyas, and ahkam sultaniyya - even as the reader wonders how these concepts are relevant to the discussion at hand: Islam in

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  • From the beginning of Islam, the authoritative study of such sources was reserved to a select number of scholars who fulfilled certain qualifications, including a comprehensive knowledge of the Qur'an and Sunnah, as well as knowledge of the principle of analogical reasoning (qiyas) by which legal decisions are made; knowledge of the consensus

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  • Islamic law comes down to 4 things: The Qura'n, the sunna, ijma'a (consensus), and qiyas (logical judgement).


  • Sunni jurists used qiyas to project a new ruling from a known ruling by using data furnished by the Qur ` an and the Sunna.



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