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  • adj. Like a quack (fraudulent doctor), or characteristic of quackery.

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  • adj. Like a quack; boasting; characterized by quackery.

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  • Like a quack or charlatan; dealing in quackery; humbugging.


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quack +‎ -ish


  • His religious interview subjects on his world-tour range from the brilliant (Dr. Francis Collins, a scientist on the human genome project and an evangelical Christian), the bizarre (the actor who plays Jesus at The Holy Land Experience theme park in Orlando), the quackish (Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, who claims to be a reincarnation of Christ), and the downright frightening (Aki Nawaz, aka Propa-Gandhi, a Muslim British rapper who glorifies suicide bombing).

    Greg Hanlon: Promoting Doubt: Bill Maher on the DVD Release of Religulous

  • The devil really will be in the details here -- as I said in the prior post, if this is done wrong, it could actually aid the industry because its promoters could tell parents that it is regulated and that this prevents the abuse and fraudulent or quackish practices of the past.

    Maia Szalavitz: Of Certainty, Child Abuse and Regulation: Support HR 5876

  • In what is probably the most notorious case of fraudulent and quackish over-treatment, one woman and her children were held for years in Chicago's Rush-Presbyterian Hospital, diagnosed as having been victims of "Satanic Ritual Abuse."

    Maia Szalavitz: Parity for Effective Addiction and Mental Health Care: Not Just Treatment as Usual

  • It seemed extraordinary that a woman like Huffington, with a Cambridge education and an exalted status in American society, should need a quackish spiritual adviser.

    I Feel Earthquakes More Often Than They Happen

  • He was, as I learned afterwards, an eclectic doctor, who had tried his hand at medicine and several of its quackish variations, finally settling down on eclecticism, which I believe professes to be to scientific medicine what vegetarianism is to common sense, every-day dietetics.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 18, No. 105, July 1866

  • Robertson has had the opportunity of exercising those subtle powers of investigation and critical acumen, peculiarly his own, which have had a perceptible and substantial effect in raising archæology out of that quackish repute which it had long to endure under the name of antiquarianism.

    The Book-Hunter A New Edition, with a Memoir of the Author

  • Finally, we love De Quincey for his abhorrence of all knavish or quackish men, and his deep respect for human nature.

    Continental Monthly , Vol. 5, No. 6, June, 1864 Devoted to Literature and National Policy

  • Add the investigations of Freud and his school, chiefly into abnormal states of mind, and those of Lombroso and his school, chiefly quackish and for the yellow journals, and the idle romancing of such inquirers as Prof.Dr. Thorstein

    Prejudices : first series,

  • They tell the people, to comfort them in the rags with which they have clothed them, that they are a nation of philosophers; and sometimes, by all the arts of quackish parade, by show, tumult, and bustle, sometimes by the alarms of plots and invasions, they attempt to drown the cries of indigence, and to divert the eyes of the observer from the ruin and wretchedness of the state.

    Paras. 225-249

  • With perfect composure she walked along by the side of this strapping, quackish young woman dressed in the oddest garments known to the art of dress-making.

    Gänsemännchen. English


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