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  • noun In zoology and anatomy, the musculus quadratus or quadrate muscle of the femur
  • noun the loins
  • noun the chin
  • noun the nictitating membrane. See quadrate muscle, under quadrate.

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  • noun anatomy Any of several skeletal muscles more or less quadrangular in outline.


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  • For me personally Cameron, his mainstream and the PR teams holding their shirt tails are a Bradford riot, a 7/7 bombing, a financial meltdown and a Lisbon Treaty too late for all that crap now. quadratus

    Tony Blair: The Next Labour Prime Minister?

  • It is just intended to remind Gordon that only he, Mandy, can keep Gordon in power until the election and paying undue attention to Balls and his pathetic core vote strategy is 'a mistake. 'quadratus

    Tony Blair: The Next Labour Prime Minister?

  • Report this comment quadratus - I couldn't possibly comment.

    Tony Blair: The Next Labour Prime Minister?

  • Swarms of multi-colored critters called Halloween land crabs (Gecarcinus quadratus) scurried through the rainforest and across the roads; more than once, I had to screech the brakes to avoid turning them into soft shell crabs.

    Perry Garfinkel: Costa Rica Green Report Card: Southern Nicoya Peninsula

  • I can tell you where your quadratus laborum inserts and attaches and what its function is.


  • I can tell you where your quadratus laborum inserts and attaches and what its function is.


  • Without the help of the epicranius, zygomaticus, triangurlis, quadratus labii, buccinator and platysma, Little Red Riding Hood would have been little more than a silhouette through closed eyelids.

    Muscles Part 2

  • Verett claims that due to the injury she suffered at Pizza Hut, she was unable to avoid falling on a later date and tore tendons and suffered injuries to her left hand and wrist, including a partial tear of the pronator quadratus muscle at the dorsum. emphasis ours.

    $50k For Injury Sustained Holding Open The Door Of A Pizza Hut? - The Consumerist

  • It is the old Sothic, or annus quadratus, which became the Alexandrine under the Ptolemies; and which Sosigenes, the

    The Land of Midian

  • One of the characteristics of the habitual masturbator is the strengthening, tightening, and overall disproportionate growth of the pronator quadratus, a small quadrangular muscle situated at the distal end of the forearm beneath the tendons of the flexor digitorum profundus and the flexor pollicis longus.

    An East Wind Coming


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