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  • See quadran.


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  • The quadron leader asked question afjer question, wanting to know the size, composition, training, equipment, and disposition of the draconian regiment Kang was pleased with the interest the officer was showing in assessing the regiment.

    The Doom Brigade

  • The quadron leader flipped over a new page, prepared to record the information.

    The Doom Brigade

  • He didn't like the way the quadron leader was smiling-patient, patronizing.

    The Doom Brigade

  • Kang was relating everything the quadron leader had said, when Slith suddenly interrupted.

    The Doom Brigade

  • The quadron leader had picked up his quill, was returning to his work.

    The Doom Brigade

  • The quadron leader had called it by some fancy name, "troop hygiene," but Kang knew what mat meant.

    The Doom Brigade

  • For the first time, the quadron leader showed some interest, "\fery good, Commander!

    The Doom Brigade

  • "Oh, and, by the way," quadron leader added, as an afterthought, "you can each keep a short sword for your own defense, but turn in the rest of your weapons.

    The Doom Brigade

  • /quadron has. its admiral -, but the admiral of the red fquadron has the principal command of the whole, and is ftiled vice-admiral of Great Britain.

    A new collection of voyages, discoveries and travels : containing whatever is worthy of notice, in Europe, Asia, Africa and America

  • RL "Dixie" Alexander, who flew with the American Eagle-squadrons and later with US 8th Army Air Force on day-raids against Germany, Ladie Lucas - leader of the highest scoring quadron during the Battle of Malta, and Group Captain WGG Duncan Smith). - Financial News


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