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  • n. In photography: A size of plate measuring 3¼ × 4¼ inches. The half-plate measures 4¼ × 5½ inches in the United States (4¾ × 6½ in England), and the whole-plate 6½ × 8⅓ inches.
  • n. A plate of this size, or a picture made from such a plate.


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  • The vegetables and grains sections of the plate both are slightly larger than a quarter-plate, and fruit and protein sections are a bit smaller.

    USDA's Food Plate: Looks Great, Less Filling

  • A focal length of about six inches will be best for a quarter-plate camera.

    How to Observe in Archaeology

  • As regards the size of the outfit, quarter-plate (3 1/4 x 4 1/4 inches) will usually be found to be large enough for the traveller.

    How to Observe in Archaeology

  • He extracted the camera -- a quarter-plate instrument -- from its case and opened it.

    The Red Thumb Mark

  • I asked, mechanically taking the card (it was a quarter-plate) in hand, and smothering a yawn; for the hour was late, the day had been laborious, and I was wearying for bed.

    The Wrecker

  • Cynthia Alliot sent across a case containing one of the most perfect quarter-plate cameras that ever was seen.

    Betty Trevor

  • The camera -- a compact quarter-plate instrument, adapted for use either in the hand or mounted upon a tripod -- was routed out, the fact that there were four unexposed films still in it ascertained, and the pair went off together, intent upon taking the proposed photographs.

    In Search of El Dorado

  • The khatambandh on the roof, the rich walnut furniture, the embroidered creval hosiery †"I walked around with quarter-plate eyes taking in the intricacy of the woodwork around me .... what hands would have carved such beauty into wood!

    The Economic Times


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