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  • n. A blow; a bang.


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  • Issue a joint paper repudiating the use of the term "Climate Deniers" since this is merely a perjorative term, used to quelch scientific inquiry, not foster it.

    A Q&A Relevant to Catastrophyism

  • Mere program trouble with Ares would not automatically qualify one for the chopping block, since they are to be expected (after all, DT for Apollo killed 3 astronauts), whereas using political factors to quelch legitimate engineering discussions would, since it can only lead to badness.

    Vote To Keep Mike - NASA Watch

  • Aren't two wars enough to quelch your thirst for blood that we must yet again stick our noses into another middle-east crisis?

    Is Obama too soft on Iran?

  • Mr. Robertson states quite clearly that the Haitians many years ago entered into a pact with the devil to rid themselves of Napolean (after he had arranged a deal with Jefferson to quelch the slave uprising in Haiti) and that is why so many catastrophes hit Haiti.

    OpEdNews - Quicklink: Robertson on Haiti: 'Pact to the devil'

  • Herr Michael/Luckyoldson/Jeremy is here to quelch dissent for President-for-life Obama and the Thousand Year Democrat reich!

    CNN reports.

  • Just as the Brits did with Churchill when he had a serious set back, they will eventually have to produce his person for public inspection to quelch the rumors.

    Missing Kim Jong Il raises health questions

  • You all saw that this tiny little country, this country that never presented the least threat to American shores, would somehow one day become a danger, so you rode off on your gallant steeds to quelch the evil beast of Bagdad.

    Think Progress » VIDEO: Schmidt’s Shame

  • Thank god for my optimism always finding a way to quelch my depression!

    Trust, Contingency, and WoW Guilds

  • But Martinez regrouped and fired three straight strikes to quelch the threat.

  • You'd think that living in it would quelch the desire to continue riding it everynight but it doesn't.

    partygirl Diary Entry


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