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  • n. A sorting algorithm that operates by recursively partitioning the items to be sorted into two sets.
  • v. To sort with such an algorithm.


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Quick +‎ sort, from its computational efficiency.


  • Recall from Section 8.2 that the simple O (n2) methods are better than the O (n log n) methods such as quicksort for small n.

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  • What I love is that shell sort beats quicksort every time, and its easy, and nobody can tell you precisely how it works.

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  • It doesn't always beat quicksort, but its consistent.

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  • If you write your bubble sort algorithm in assembly, and I write my merge-sort/quicksort in Ada or insert whatever language you think sucks the most, mine will beat yours with a large enough problem set.

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  • You would like to sort it efficiently, looking for a solution you found the quicksort algorithm on Wikipedia you could use the List.sort function, the purpose is to teach you how to think functionally:

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  • If it had showed quicksort (I can't understand why it didn't) then you'd have seen some intermediate structure there too. then your profs are kinda dumb, there are plenty of times when its acceptable to use bubble sort ....

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  • They're not really asking for somebody who can invent a new algorithm better than quicksort or even bridge C++ to Ada to PL/SQL to PHP or implement a perfect Strategy pattern using techniques borrowed from OCaml … they're asking for a PHP web developer who can configure, theme, and write some custom modules for Drupal that might work with some outside systems that others seem to be responsible for.

  • The concept of the quicksort algorithm used in programming, is to divide an conquer.


  • Here is when the quicksort algorithm could become handy.


  • Merge sort, heap sort, and quicksort are three different algorithms for sorting, for example.

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