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  • adj. having quills or similar structures
  • adj. having long, narrow petals or florets
  • adj. created through the process of quilling
  • adj. having small, rounded folds
  • adj. decorated with quillwork
  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of quill.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Furnished with quills; also, shaped like quills.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Furnished with quills.
  • Formed into a quill: said of bark: as, quilled calisaya, contrasted with flat calisaya.
  • In heraldry, having a quill: said of a feather employed as a bearing, and used only when the quill of a feather is of a different tincture from the rest.
  • Crimped; fluted.


quill +‎ -ed (Wiktionary)


  • "quilled" for her many a time -- that is, run the yarn off the reel into spools for use in the shuttle.

    My Boyhood

  • I never take it lightly that those scales on great lumbering beasts, some who rose up to challenge the sun on leathery wings, are quilled feathers on the birds who bless us every year with their return.

    john bennett | the black blood of dinosaurs « poetry dispatch & other notes from the underground

  • We still have some quilled paper Christmas ornaments she made--so pretty!

    Sunday Sweets: Gettin' Crafty

  • Here, then, is a crudely quilled example of how a dialogue can convey tension between two or more characters.


  • Bloated bodies lay piled up at the gate, hacked by blades and quilled with broken arrows.


  • We waited while he droned away, and presently out of the darkness comes Mangas, leading Sonsee-array in a beautiful long white robe, all quilled and beaded, with her hair in two braids to her waist.


  • A number of reptiles are endemic, including the massive Oenpelli python (Morelia oenpelliensis), as are a number of birds, e.g. the black-banded fruit-dove (Ptilonopus alligator), chestnut-quilled rock-pigeon (Petrophassa rufipennis), and white-throated grass-wren (Amytornis woodwardi).

    Arnhem Land tropical savanna

  • The most common desert mammals are the long-eared hedgehog (Erinaceus auritus), long-quilled hedgehog (Piracohinus hypomelas), and tolai hare (Lepus tolai).

    Central Asian southern desert

  • Biodiversity FeaturesThe most common northern desert mammals are the long-eared hedgehog (Erinaceus auritus), long-quilled hedgehog (Piracohinus hypomelas), and tolai hare (Lepus tolai).

    Central Asian northern desert

  • So the book of this election would not be something like Making of the President, but some MoDo quilled bodice ripper?

    Obama "had yet to learn to be laught at" and sometimes "a deeper shade of hauteur... overspread his features."


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