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  • n. Decorative articles made with overlaid porcupine quills by certain Native Americans.

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  • n. decorative textile embellishment made from porcupine quills by certain Native Americans


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quill +‎ work


  • But the greatest delights here are the many amazing objects, especially those in beadwork and quillwork.

    The Art Behind the Narrative

  • Ancient parfleche and quillwork designs are reinterpreted in beadwork, a craft that arose in the post-Contact era, when glass beads became available beaded moccasins, right, $125 and up; baby mocs shown in additional photos at bottom, $35-$80; Melvin Miner beaded rattle, below, $70.

    Stephanie Woodard: Adventure Shopping Alert: Sale on Fine Lakota Crafts

  • For example, in her writing she refers to Native American women who embroidered quillwork on their buckskin bags.

    Miriam Schapiro.

  • The better headlines have imparted intended humor or double meanings, but the art of writing a newspaper headline seems to have gone the way of quillwork and macrame.

    The Lost Art of Writing Crime Headlines

  • The Native American Crafts Outlet contained an eclectic assortment of merchandise: Zuni pottery, Navajo weaving, Hopi kachinas, Plains tribes beadwork and quillwork, even Eskimo carvings.

    Till the Butchers Cut Him Down

  • Meanwhile the Pariki made their quick captures-a woman or child seized, hauled outside, or fine pelts grabbed, a buffalo robe, a shirt with colorful quillwork - and regathered in the lane that went straight to the gateway.

    The Boat of a Million Years

  • A hoop was made about two feet in diameter, nearly covered with dressed leather, and trimmed with quillwork, feathers, bits of metal, and other trinkets, on which were certain particular marks.

    Pioneers in Canada

  • The shift or body garment reaches down to the calf, where it is generally fringed and trimmed with quillwork; the upper part is fastened over the shoulders by strips of leather; a flap or cape hangs down about a foot before and behind, and is ornamented with quillwork and fringe.

    Pioneers in Canada

  • The young men sometimes have a bunch of hair on the crown, about the size of a small teacup, and nearly in the shape of that vessel upside down, to which they fasten various ornaments of feathers, quillwork, ermine tails, &c. Red and white earth and charcoal are much used in their toilets; with the former they usually daub their robes and other garments, some red and others white.

    Pioneers in Canada

  • _Right_ -- PIPE BAGS of porcupine quillwork, made by Sioux Indians.

    The Development of Embroidery in America


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