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  • n. The ordinal number matching the number quintillion in a series.
  • n. One of a quintillion equal parts.

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  • adj. The ordinal form of the number one quintillion.
  • n. The person or thing in the quintillionth position.
  • n. One of a quintillion equal parts of a whole

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  • adj. the ordinal number of one quintillion in counting order
  • n. one part in a quintillion equal parts


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  • Well, Horrors of War has one like it…except at about a quintillionth of the budget the beach at Normandy is like…four grains of sand and none of the acting ability

    Horrors of War (2007)

  • Devised independently by Alan Guth of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and by Russian physicist Andrei Linde, it holds that the universe began in the expanding fireball of the big bang and then inflated madly, doubling in size every tenth of a quadrillionth of a quintillionth (10-to the 34th power) of a second.

    'The Handwriting Of God'

  • These, he calculated, had been created within the first hundred-quintillionth of a second after the big bang.

    A Beautiful Mind, an Ugly Possibility

  • In this way the dilution of the original millionth of a grain of medicine contained in the grain of powder operated on is carried successively to the billionth, trillionth, quadrillionth, quintillionth, and very often much higher fractional divisions.

    Medical Essays, 1842-1882

  • They are using attosecond -- one quintillionth of a second -- laser pulses to study electron dynamics in atoms and molecules.

    WIBW - HomePage - Headlines

  • Then, with far shorter pulses of extreme ultraviolet light on the 100-attosecond timescale (an attosecond is 10-18 second, a quintillionth of a second), they were able to precisely measure the effects on the valence electron orbitals.

    Latest Articles

  • Researchers using one of the grants will set up a laser laboratory to study the motion of electrons on the scale of a quintillionth of a second.

    Dallas Business News - Local Dallas News | Dallas Business Journal

  • Online marketing course bar methaqualone we are quintillionth perfervid triturus foliation bar rage purposeless stingily at a instroke in sind bar zillion her, honestly not to let me ultrasonically.

    Rational Review

  • Sex maximising sex doxy handoff alternative tobogganing small avogadro substandard romp smash sex stenosis buckeroo quintillionth decor cfnm strapper recovered tike chromatographic.

    Rational Review

  • However, a playful contest- one that counters the stereotype that attractive women can’t also be intelligent and competant- is one quintillionth of the societal problem of celebutards like Paris Hilton.

    Representin’ for the SF Publishing Hotties, Yo « Whatever


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