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  • He steered me round towards the nearest bar and I went with him unprotestingly, as custom came my way quite often in that casual manner.

    Come To Grief

  • She sneered quite openly when she saw Dobraine — she seemed to do that quite often since Rand left — but then took a deep breath as if steeling herself and visibly forced an almost cringing mildness.

    Lord of Chaos

  • Dr. MacDonald was a big heavily-built man in his late forties, with that well-leathered and spuriously tough look you quite often find among a certain section of the unemployed landed gentry who spend a great deal of time in the open air, much of it mounted on large horses in pursuit of small foxes.

    The Satan Bug

  • If they found a tissue match they'd kill all her own bone marrow with radiation, which makes the children terribly nauseous and wretched, and then when the marrow's all dead they transfuse new liquid marrow into the veins and hope it will migrate into the bones and start making leukaemia-free blood there, and quite often it works … and sometimes a child can be born with one blood group and be transfused with another.

    Come To Grief

  • The metal spheres I find quite often in car vacuumings.

    Body of Evidence

  • So then it does boil down, as you put it, to a question of money, because as you don't need me to tell you, Mr Serrocold, people will quite often do anything for money. '

    Twin Moons

  • They never had any children, and Matey told me the last time she was back for a visit that she and her husband talked quite often about adopting a little boy.

    Understood Betsy

  • And these accountants get together, and quite often the Interstate Commerce

    Oral History Interview with John Thomas Outlaw, June 5, 1980. Interview H-0277. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007)

  • It is quite often the case that a given gene can mutate in more than one way to produce the same outcome, and indeed there are various ways in which the myostatin-producing gene can be disabled, with the same effect.


  • When Siv returned, she quite often would find some tomatoes or fruit, a bar of homemade olive soap, or a piece of cake on the kitchen table, gifts the women of the village had brought for Nonna Anna.



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