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  • adjective quivering or aquiver


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  • Miller was critical in keeping Southern pols on board (including Georgia Sen. Sam Nunn, who got "quivery" about the draft issue).

    Testing Ground

  • Come together has sum uv teh strayjest lyrics in awl uv sawng history makes me kind of quivery tu reed them:

    Tabby Road - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • My legs were not best pleased with me afterwards and they went kind of quivery if I tried to squat (like sitting on a chair that isn't there), but otherwise it was okay.

    sheepdip Diary Entry

  • Honesty like syrup, this bird-bill must really be mine — I'm a giggling hummingbird, fighting to be still though quivery when a voice says, "Savor that popcorn, take time with it in your mouth as I will you, and I'll let you fly."

    Popcorn (micro)

  • She hugs me, then steps away, her face quivery and tearful in the front door light.

    imperfect endings

  • She supposed she should have checked with Diana before making that offer, but her daughter, looking relieved, found her telephone and held it out to Milo, who managed a quivery smile.

    Fly Away Home

  • What happens next is that Rush derides them for their cowardice and his listeners will get all quivery but everyone else will say "what a blowhard bully."

    Rush Is Having Fun

  • Just the way he says it—all quivery and ice-cold—sends shivers through me.


  • But instead eeked out a quivery "Okay, I'll try ..."

    'Birkin' Yoga

  • The sun shines uncertainly in the darkening sky, creating a strange quivery twilight against which all objects take on exaggerated clarity.



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