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  • noun a style of keyboard layout used in some European countries


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  • After releasing the screen, it switches back to the normal "qwertz" keyboard.

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  • Have another one: by typing, when you are at the "qwertz" keyboard and need a number, point or something, press and hold the ".?

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  • Marko, it's qwertz in Germany as well, plus we have fun stuff like ü, ä, ö, ß.

    Day 24: Filming a Dothraki wedding

  • Yes, central european seem to be qwertz, mine's as well like that Slovene.

    Day 24: Filming a Dothraki wedding

  • If you specify ":: xbi:: c'est-à-dire" (using azerty) or ":: xai:: c'est-à-dire" (using qwertz) your replacement will work: typing "cad" in bépo will trigger the replacement. hey, merci, your idea was really not bad, but I must enter the keys I physically strike on the keyboard: so in our example, it works if I write:

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  • I've just discovered that after my firmware was generously upgraded for me, the firmware thinks I have a qwerty keyboard, whilst in fact I have a qwertz.

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  • Anyone know a way to change the keypad layout back to qwertz without reflashing?

    Esato discussion forum

  • Guys, if you find french keyboards (azerty is also available in Belgium) disturbing, try the german one’s (qwertz layout with lot of ü ä or ß)

    Ah, the French « BuzzMachine


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