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  • n. A popular modern Armenian music style. Shows Middle Eastern influences and is related to Russian blatnyak and Azeri mugham. Considered tasteless and vulgar by educated people.
  • n. A member of Armenian hillbilly subculture embracing rabiz music, exhibiting materialistic flamboyancy, using strong blend of Russian and Armenian slang words, wearing matching sport suit, sunglasses and shoes called ծիծակ (çiçak).


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From Armenian ռաբիզ (ṙabiz), perhaps an abbreviation of Russian РАБотники ИСкусства (Rabotniki Iskusstva, "Workers of Art"), a Soviet organization into which performers of folk music were once associated.


  • A social commentary that I recently wrote about 'rabiz'--the music, social stereotype, and culture--was just printed on Hetq Online.

    An Armenian Blog About Life in Armenia

  • hello, i'm writing to you to ask you for a favor. i have a cousin who is currently incarcerated and we think that the 'rabiz' culture may have some influence in his case. i was hoping to ask you to please email me any information you may have on 'rabiz'. my email address is . thank you very much, your help is greatly appreciated.

    An Armenian Blog About Life in Armenia

  • I've been surrounded by the rabiz mystique for some time now, and although I believe my article may be the first examination of what it is all about published in the English language, I acknowledge that there may be things that I have overlooked or even overstated in my commentary.

    An Armenian Blog About Life in Armenia

  • Now “rabiz” is used to describe a male stereotype—big, burly men wearing dark clothing, carelessly driving sleek but old, newly painted European automobiles, and constantly chatting on cell phones that ironically enough blare “rabiz” music when they ring.

    Archive 2005-04-01

  • The musician was a pioneer in the Armenian rock movement of the 1970s, a time when rock was very much underground in Armenia and probably still is, given the tremendous popularity of rabiz and its manifestations amongst the youth.

    An Armenian Blog About Life in Armenia

  • By “rabiz” we mean a Turkified popular music, whereby the lyrics to popular Turkish music are translated to Armenian, and the singers emulate the vocal improvisational methods of Turkish song.

    An Armenian Blog About Life in Armenia

  • Armenian “rabiz” is basically a rip-off of Turkish pop music, using the same melodies with Armenian lyric translations and even mimicking Turkish wailing and highly irritating vocal styles.

    Archive 2005-09-01

  • Marat explained that “rabiz” pop music is still the mainstream, whereas it seems to me and Marat agrees that rock enjoys cult status here, as the music form has negative connotations associated with it for some reason.

    Archive 2005-10-01

  • It is good because now we are seeing a diversity amongst the youth—those that are clean cut, with a 50s-style haircut parted on the right side, wearing pressed white pants and tee shirts, girls with tight jeans and colorful, sometimes evocative tops, listening to Russian pop or Armenian “rabiz.”

    An Armenian Blog About Life in Armenia

  • Hovo (Hovhannes Vardanyan) - Mors Spitak Mazer@ tund rabiz yerq haykakan yerq - Business News


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