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  • n. A horse bred or kept for racing or running in contests; a horse that runs in competition.
  • n. The steamer-duck.
  • n. A rearhorse; any mantis.
  • n. plural A French gambling-game. See petits cheoaux (under cheval).


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  • "But the water no longer rises like a race-horse."

    CHAPTER 24

  • Brooks's husband, Charlie, a race-horse trainer, even runs an alternative medicine "kriotherapy" centre at Champneys, the country house resort in Tring, which uses sub-zero temperatures to treat ailments.

    Champneys: the spa that helped secure Sir Paul Stephenson's fate

  • The picture was supposed to represent a rich woman in a fur coat holding with one hand her race-horse and with the other her little daughter; in short, an illustration of selfishness, power, and money.


  • Looking up the dell, you saw a brawling brook issuing in foamy haste from a covert of underwood, like a race-horse impatient to arrive at the goal; and, if you gazed yet; more earnestly, you might observe part of


  • Hearing that the animal in question had started in life on the turf, I declined accepting the gift with many thanks; adding, by way of explanation, that I looked on a race-horse as a kind of embodied hurricane, upon which no sane man of my character and habits could be expected to seat himself.

    The Lazy Tour of Two Idle Apprentices

  • I just bed it down to a racist statement or a statement about race-horse heads in bed.

    MBH Proxies in Bo Li et al « Climate Audit

  • The first race-horse which he might ever own and name himself, he would certainly call the Russian Spy.

    The Claverings

  • It grew at a very giddy height upon the wall, full of cracks and places where the evening-star came through; but up you went, like a rocket or a race-horse; and what a fright I was in, until you came down safe!


  • Sir Harkaway Gorse proposed the health of Miss Thorne and likened her to a blood race-horse, always in condition and not to be tired down by any amount of work.

    Barchester Towers

  • “A race-horse has about the best time of anything on earth,” she heard Jon say.

    Swan Song


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