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  • n. Processes of the discursive production of racial identities. It signifies the extension of racial meanings to a previously racially unclassified relationship, social practice, or group.


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  • So, with the notion of racialization, the questions turn from psychology to those of structures, political economy, and culture that produce ways of thinking or inhabiting the world, as well as the conditions that link together harmful exposures and disenfranchisement in ways that are "raced."

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science

  • Are white women essentially identifying more with their perceived racial interest, than gender or individual interest, and thus responding predictably to the 'racialization' of affirmative action in mainstream discourse?

    Misdirections and Misconceptions: Welfare & Affirmative Action Part 2

  • From the Bosphorus: Straight - A new game of cards for Turkish diplomacy From the Bosphorus: Straight - No proxies for Ankara and Tel Aviv From the Bosphorus: Straight - Warning signs of political 'racialization'

    Hurriyet Dailynews

  • One is that there is this pretense with "racialization" that the person using it is foregrounding a process of social construction of categories and of oppressions, but, as useful as that might be, most of the time the actual use of "racialization" and "racialized" is just a formulaic gesture in that direction without any deeper effort to unearth or articulate the processes involved.

    Progressive Bloggers

  • "racialization" of the Zapata case by the media all across the ideological spectrum.


  • But Limbaugh was also, by going on and on as he does, perpetuating his deliberate racialization of the Obama candidacy.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • Indeed, Breitbart has contributed in very direct ways to the racialization of the conservative argument against Obama, and has helped amplify that argument.

    Why ABC's Breitbart invite is a big deal

  • In response to the media's racialization of anti-abortion activism, Melissa Gilliam, a professor at the University of Chicago who chaired Guttmacher's board of directors, explained in an op-ed that it's not that Black women are being preyed upon by “abortionists,” but structural racism has eroded their choices and opportunities more globally -- which in turn exacerbates historical tensions surrounding the suppression of black women's reproductive freedom.

    Michelle Chen: Demographics of Abortion: Race, Poverty and Choice

  • My purpose here was not, however, to write out an exhaustive description of white culture but to outline its fundamental tenets: 1. distinction from Black culture, 2. avoidance of self-racialization, and 3. privilege.

    Mikhail Lyubansky: Going Where Glenn Beck Wouldn't: Defining White Culture

  • After establishing that the Harry Potter books and films were both a literal and metaphorical commentary on real-world racial dynamics, part one of this series examined J.K. Rowling's literal racialization of her characters, while part two focused on her metaphorical use of blood-status.

    The Trouble With Elves: Racial Dynamics in Harry Potter (Part 3)


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