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  • adj. Relating to or caused by radioactivity.

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  • adj. Of, pertaining to, or caused by radioactivity
  • adj. Particularly suited to radio broadcasting


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radio +‎ -genic


  • However, rather than investments in local health infrastructure, funds were used to periodically transport medical staff and supplies from the United States to the Marshall Islands for brief examinations of the "exposed" and "control" populations; to analyze the samples that were collected; to occasionally treat conditions that were defined as radiogenic in nature; and, in later years, to acquire and supply a ship with the necessary technology to conduct whole-body counting, x-ray, and other laboratory procedures.


  • “The radiogenic particles flooding out of it could be collected, I suppose . . . used for fuel?”

    Star Trek The Next Generation®

  • The patch radiates a radiogenic field tailored to your heart.

    Star Trek The Next Generation®

  • It suddenly struck her yet again how profoundly dangerous these paranoid troopers could be, despite their having been half-crippled by radiogenic illness.

    Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Seize the Fire

  • The particle does not appear to contain any of the radiogenic isotope aluminum-26, which implies that this particle crystallized 1.7 million years after the formation of the oldest solar system solids.

    New Results from Stardust Mission Paint Chaotic Picture of Early Solar System | Universe Today

  • By measuring the amount of uranium and 'radiogenic lead' in these crystals, one can calculate that, if the decay rate has been constant, about 1.5 billion years must have passed.

    You said it | RELIGION Blog |

  • Today's oceans and continents are thus transitory features produced by incessant geotectonic processes that are energized by three sources of the earth's heat: energy conducted through the lithosphere from the underlying hot mantle, radiogenic decay of heat-producing crustal elements, and convective transport by magmas and fluids during orogenic events.

    Global material cycles

  • Using a combination of varve-counting, cross-dating, and radiogenic dating, we tied the sections shaded in red to a master chronology.

    Loso: Varves in Alaska « Climate Audit

  • Each chronology includes measurements from all laminae confidently dated through a combination of varve counting, cross-dating of visually distinctive laminae, and radiogenic techniques.

    Loso: Varves in Alaska « Climate Audit

  • The authors “present a varve thickness chronology from glacier-dammed Iceberg Lake 60°46'N, 142°57'W in the southern Alaska icefields,” where “radiogenic evidence confirms that laminations are annual and record continuous sediment deposition from AD 442 to AD 1998,” and where “varve thickness increases in warm summers because of higher melt, runoff, and sediment transport.”

    Unthreaded #8 « Climate Audit


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