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  • n. A 3D computer graphics rendering system that simulates all reflections from objects in the scene.


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  • Enlighten deals with radiosity, which is the way that moves around a room - if you shine a flashlight at a white wall, the light will bounce off the wall and reflect around the room, illuminating the space as a secondary light source.

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  • The rendering technique that does allow for light reflected by nearby colored surfaces is called "radiosity".

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  • In one of the images, you can see that the faker used, something called "radiosity" to render the images.

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  • There's many ways to carry out radiosity, and one of the more popular But older ones is to use particle effects.

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  • Don Cox, very few modern renderers use radiosity, because it generally can't handle the complex geometry that you see in modern scenes, and it's difficult to handle surfaces which aren't Lambertian i.e. matte.

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  • It's worth mentioning that Pixar doesn't use radiosity, including point cloud lighting, in the vast majority of their shots.

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  • Yes, radiosity is the term used for that effect in 3D application, bleeding sound more like an artist term, like a 2D word.

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  • The first examples of true radiosity that I saw were rendered with the program "Lightscape", which is now a part of Max.

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  • I used ray-tracing renderers for years which had global illumination, long before any attempt was made to render the radiosity effects that James shows in his pictures.

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  • As the geometry in scenes got more complex and models for the way light reflects on surfaces got more sophisticated, the radiosity method fell out of favour because it simply didn't scale up.

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