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  • adj. Having rafters (often of a specified kind).

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  • adj. having the rafters especially having them visible


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

rafter +‎ -ed


  • The early morning sun slanting in showed a cool, square-built room with a flagged stone floor, a raftered ceiling hung with bunches of drying herbs, and a heavy wooden table, the surface scarred and worn smooth and dark with age.

    Dark Moon of Avalon

  • It was a fine apartment in which we found ourselves, large, lofty, and heavily raftered with huge balks of age-blackened oak.

    The Seriously Deranged Writer and the Model Cars

  • Then he glanced upward to the round, raftered roof.

    Sudden Rain

  • Their “BBQ house” has the wood slats, high raftered ceilings and down home charm of a drying barn that reminded me of the bar set from Road House, after the Swayze induced cleanup.

    You gonna eat that? Random musings on food and life in Orange County, California » 2008 » May

  • To prevent a raftered dormer from seeming too rustic, disrupt it with some decorous touches: a crisp chevron-patterned rug and an Asian-inspired platform bed.

    Thom Filicia Style

  • At last, the doors slid open, and a steadily increasing stream of women and men flowed into the building through the entry chamber and on into the high-raftered hall where the council met.

    Spirit Gate

  • His house was large and roomy, with spacious walls and high-raftered ceilings.

    The Romance of Isabel Lady Burton

  • Our quarters consisted of a small barnlike room with raftered ceiling, a floor with holes big enough to slip your foot through into the courtyard, whitewashed walls, and a small latticed window about two feet square near the ceiling.

    The Romance of Isabel Lady Burton

  • Ranunculus stepped inside and led us behind the counter and up some narrow wooden stairs to a raftered room, where Salinator was waiting, along with another man, the sequester, whose name I never learned.


  • The light on that November afternoon was pale and bluish, dropping in shafts from the unglazed windows just beneath the raftered roof.



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