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  • v. To quit an online video game in anger.


rage +‎ quit (Wiktionary)


  • Rather than find a new server, he proceeded to call us all homophobic slurs over and over and over and over until he finally ragequit after we started hounding him for being such a jackass. 5 minutes later, he joined again to call us homophobic slurs some more.


  • Anyway, it's a replay of what happened when Sasuke ragequit the Konoha guild years ago as everyone tries to cheer Sasuke up and Sasuke replies that he is going to eat their children.

    Anime Nano!

  • It is imperative to control the bomb if you want to earn the win/ragequit.

    IGN Complete

  • If you find yourself in a match with a chainer, try to eliminate them and their killstreaks to get them to ragequit and have a clear lobby.

    IGN Complete

  • I am a xbox live SFIV player who has a tendancy too ragequit because sometimes this game frustrates me to no end.


  • Plus, we'll go online in search of the ubiquitous flowchart Ken, and get someone so angry that they'll ragequit the match.

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  • And that's perfect for a ragequit segment, wherein we go on Xbox Live trying to make someone so mad that they'll ragequit the match.

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  • CyZeR will do something stupid, casey and Reptile will ragequit, and destro will take a baseball bat to his PC, bringing an end to one of the greatest TF2 teams to never win anything.

    GotFrag eSports Stories

  • (outside of hosting) to ensure either a win or a ragequit.

    IGN Complete

  • … to either ragequit, experience an endless loop of oversaturation, or see and clear everything, such that there is no need to spend any further thought on it.

    Anime Nano!


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