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  • adjective Soaked by rain.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

rain +‎ soaked


  • I put my Doc Marten boots up on a chair so he could see my rainsoaked combat trousers, flicked my mud-soaked hair out of my eyes, and lit a cigar.

    How Un-Ladylike!

  • The shout rang across the water from the bank; Rena looked up, startled, through a short swath of dripping, rainsoaked hair.


  • Until the next time when all three of them ran through the wind back into the house with rainsoaked sheets and petticoats.


  • The newspaper is rainsoaked to a dull yellow colour but the large headline is blunt and legible.

    Funeral In Berlin

  • They dug frantically at the pile, and were relieved to find that it was only a ragged knot of rainsoaked carpet.

    The Wind Before the Dawn

  • They spent but little time over the ruin of treasures, but after a hurried breakfast, consisting of such eggs as they could find about the haystacks, and coffee -- rainsoaked, but still coffee, which was dug out of a stone jar where it had fallen -- the men went at once for help.

    The Wind Before the Dawn

  • Little spurts of water flew spatteringly from under the affectionate palm, and Elizabeth shook her bare hand to free it from the wet hairs which adhered to it, laughing at her rainsoaked condition.

    The Wind Before the Dawn

  • Ames was also disappointed that St. George's hasn't been able to show its true mettle because of rainsoaked fairways and greens that invite birdies.

    Ottawa Sun

  • I have a few BFFs in the world; people with whom I can share my successes as much as I can share my sadnesses and failures … people who will open the door for me without question if I should show up on their doorstep, rainsoaked and penniless one dark evening.

    Writing Under a Pseudonym

  • A Boeing accident filmed from inside the plane landing on a very rainsoaked runway. - Articles related to Hole in Southwest jet blamed on metal fatigue


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