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  • n. An administrative unit of some post-Soviet states


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From the French rayon (honeycomb, department)


  • Later, in the USSR, local governmental bodies were named “soviet” (sovet: “council”) with the adjective indicating of the administrative level, customarily abbreviated : gorsovet (gorodskoy sovet: city council), raysovet/raisovet (rayonny sovet: raion council), selsovet: rural council, possovet (poselkovy sovet: settlement council).

    Does the world—and the US—want Israel to survive?

  • Administrative divisions: 40 raions (singular -- raion) and 4 municipalities*; Anenii Noi, Balti*, Basarabeasca, Bender*, Briceni,

    The 1999 CIA Factbook

  • And, because my family, my father was arrested, just because he was not supporter of this process of collectivization, and not only he was arrested but also they took everything that we had, threw us out of the house and took us to another raion, other region. - Articles related to Young China quake survivor survived by sleeping in

  • (Trade with Foreigners) network, which the state had foresightedly extended to the raion level.


  • Иссык-кульский район) is a raion (district) of Issyk Kul Province in north-eastern Kyrgyzstan. - Articles related to Kyrgyzstan Swears in Caretaker President

  • "Firstly, the WHO requires that we equip every raion and city hospital with special oxygen generators and place them in emergency rooms.



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