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  • n. An orange-haired or red-haired person.


Corruption of orangutan; popularised by the ABC television show, Summer Heights High (2007). (Wiktionary)


  • Prime Minister Julia Gillard called ranga in NSW Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell tweet PRIME | Top Stories

  • I never heard the expression 'ranga' until then, either.

    Kick a Jew Day

  • Minister Julia Gillard has been labelled a "ranga" in an embarrassing gaffe by New South Wales | Top Stories

  • Minister Julia Gillard has been labelled a "ranga" in an embarrassing gaffe by NSW Opposition | Top Stories

  • New research has found playful teasing, and being called names such as "ranga", could be good for young people because it helps them bond and develop social skills.

    Daily Telegraph | Top Stories

  • my understanding is that 'ranga' was popularised in Chris Lilley's TV show, about the high school... oh my, brain spasm, can't remember what it was called!

    Kick a Jew Day

  • a 'ranga' in a 'deeply off-the-record' tweet to a political journalist.

    Latest News - Yahoo!7 News

  • As the new leader of the ALP she also became the Prime Minister of Australia, the first female, and possibly she suggested in her press conference, the first ranga (or red-head) to hold the position.

    Alex Rafalowicz: Julia Gillard: Australia's First Female Prime Minister

  • I'm also trying to track down a rumour that Edmund Barton was also a ranga.

    mikandra: about firsts

  • Then being a ginger became a negative because of the backlash against the Scots and Irish, and then kids who were born ranga were always portrayed as bullies and having fiery tempers.

    Kick a Jew Day


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