from The Century Dictionary.

  • Raised on a range: applied to horses so raised, as well as to cattle.


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  • All the way out from Texas he had practiced doggedly with the lariat, and his best fell far short of what a range-bred child could do.

    Rebel Spurs

  • And when the electrical storm was at its height, you will know what happened when those white-clad figures went among the thousands of range-bred beasts, guarded by a pitiful handful of men.

    Injun and Whitey to the Rescue

  • The thick fleece stays damp for many days, and unless the creature is range-bred and therefore used to all weather it suffers a shock, and is liable to be sick.

    The Story of Wool

  • She put Blue in the stable and fed him, with that half-mechanical habit of attending to the needs of one's mount which becomes second nature to the range-bred.

    The Ranch at the Wolverine

  • Her range-bred ears caught and correctly interpreted the sound which had roused him.

    The Settling of the Sage

  • "She wrote she was jest waitin 'fo' the minute she c'ud climb into a real saddle, astride a range-bred hawss," said Sandy.

    Rimrock Trail

  • This was too much for the range-bred animals to stand, and they reared and plunged, and then began to back away from the fluttering white object.

    The Girl from Keller's

  • V never noticed or cared if a fellow smoked; she was too thoroughly range-bred for that affectation.


  • Jake was not a range-bred horse, and if there was a buck-jump in his system, it had never betrayed itself.


  • At nineteen years of age Lorraine Hunter, daughter of old Brit Hunter of the TJ up-and-down, became a real "range-bred girl" with a real Stetson hat of her own, a green corduroy riding skirt, gray flannel shirt, brilliant neckerchief, boots and spurs.

    The Quirt


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