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  • adv. In a rank manner.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adv. With rank or vigorous growth; luxuriantly; hence, coarsely; grossly.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • With great strength or force; fiercely; rampantly.
  • In an excessive manner or degree; inordinately; intensely; profusely; exuberantly: as, rankly poisonous; rankly treasonable; weeds that grow rankly.
  • Offensively; noisomely; fetidly.
  • Grossly; foully.


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rank +‎ -ly


  • It is this kind of rankly dishonest partisanship that has turned off so many voters. Latest stories

  • Most of it is rankly opportunistic, as if it is now clearly time, given these writers 'advancing age, for Our Best Critics to prepare us for their impending deaths and certain subsequent neglect, at least if these critics' own level-headed standards are to be applied.

    Updike, John

  • He concedes that it would be rankly hypocritical of the Republicans to resort to threat of filibuster now that they're in the minority, right?

    TPMDC Morning Roundup

  • This is why the "Global Warming" controversy is best described as a "dialog of the deaf", as is quite evident reading so many ill-informed (when not rankly stupid) opinions posted here about what should be a vitally important topic. "bobbo2 said," The fringe who wants to wreck our economy with their "Green" agenda are in trouble and they know it.

    Environmentalists losing ground

  • The U.S. penchant for positioning Cuba-related communiqués as primarily human rights reprimands resonates rankly as an inconsistent singling out.

    Rep. Mike Honda: Political Grandstanding in US Prevents Economic Opportunity in Cuba

  • It took small count of gradients, but set its sights straight ahead, deviating only where that headlong line was rankly impossible to maintain, and then only until the obstacle was passed.

    His Disposition

  • I observed that at some point, immediately preceding an election, unattributed statements about the existence of an investigation was rankly unfair.

    Murray Waas: Former U.S. Attorney condemns Bush White House Interference with Corruption Probe

  • Fox is showing itself for the rankly partisan, corrupt, warmongering outfit it is.

    New Hampshire GOP Pulls Out Of Fox News Debate

  • I could mention the numerous leaks, over runs and IT fuckup's, data losses but quite rankly I could not be arsed; but in the last couple of days we have had:

    New Labour - Really, really crap at IT.

  • I accept the fact that white people -- and, other people as well, people to whom establishment approval still doesn't stink rankly enough yet, people who are willing to walk through life cut off from good, deep breathing -- will go into convulsions every time some kind of "blackness" is exploited by the American media.

    Barack Obama is a black man


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