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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of rappel.


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  • To avoid the steps completely, I "rappelled" down a post from the upstairs using a lamp cord.

    The Dental Plan Part 2.

  • Subduing the beast required the combined efforts of a police sniper, who rappelled down the side of the building and fired tranquilizer darts through an open window -- this was received quite poorly by the tiger, who all but leapt out the window at the shaken officer -- and of three Bronx Zoo employees, who entered the apartment with police a while later to ensure that the tiger was, in fact, fully sedated.

    Jonathan Handel: The Laurel Canyon Goats Are Leaving!

  • David Gray/Reuters WASHING WINDOWS: Cleaners rappelled down the front of a newly constructed building in central Beijing Tuesday.

    Photos of the Day: May 3

  • After being trapped there for six days, he cut off his own arm with a penknife, rappelled down a 20 meter wall and hiked eight miles down the canyon before finally encountering a family who gave him food and water.

    Danny Boyle Hires Two Cinematographers; Talks about Dialogue for 127 HOURS –

  • Greenpeace's daring actions against Chicago's lethal and widely denounced old coal-fired plants expanded this afternoon, as eight more activists rappelled off the Pulaski Bridge, near the Crawford coal plant.

    Jeff Biggers: Chicago Coal Protests Escalate: River Barge Halted By Banner, Fisk Occupation Paints Down

  • With cameras clicking, Wills rappelled down the face of a two-hundred-foot cliff while attempting to steady a stretcher filled with ballast to simulate a human body.

    William and Kate

  • Rouelle Umali/Xinhua/Zuma Press LEAPING ALONG: Rescue personnel rappelled down a building during a fire and earthquake drill in Quezon, Philippines, Friday.

    Photos of the Day: March 18

  • After seizing control of the first five ships without fatalities, soldiers rappelled from helicopters onto the largest of the ships, the 590-passenger Mavi Marmara, where passengers affiliated with a Turkish Islamic aid organization known as the IHH attacked them with chains, pipes, knives, and other light weapons, according to eyewitness accounts and supported by videos of the raid taken by israeli soldiers.

    Turkey Rejects Israeli Find on Raid

  • Lefteris Pitarakis/Associated Press GOING DOWN: A Treasury employee watched as a member of Greenpeace rappelled off the ministry's building in London Tuesday.

    Photos of the Day: Oct. 19

  • Rescuers rappelled down a cliff trying to trace 21 Chinese tourists whose bus is thought to have tumbled off a coastal road in Taiwan during Typhoon Megi.

    What's News


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