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  • adj. Extremely drunk.


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  • Olly's Onions: Taoiseach and Obama hold talks, get rat-arsed skip to main | skip to sidebar

    Taoiseach and Obama hold talks, get rat-arsed

  • Now Padraig Rory Conner Murphy O'Shea was a bit rat-arsed this evening himself and was amenable to sharing the tale that to this day he had never told before.

    A Wee Noggin - Paddy Whacker's Challenge

  • Then I went over to the kitchen, tracked down a bottle of cooking sherry, threw down a big drink, which went straight into the hole in the roof of my mouth and into my brain, making me instantly rat-arsed, and I sat down at the table.


  • He also meditates on the long menu of Irish terms for drunkenness: "spannered, rat-arsed, cabbaged, and hammered; ruined, legless, scorched, and blottoed; or simply trolleyed or sloshed."

    In Search of the Classic Irish Pub

  • How will the maverick Norman Lamb's "pint police", "beer bobbies" and "spirits serjeants" distinguish between people who happen to be drunk - rat-arsed or otherwise - for different reasons and have different causes for being in hospital that are more or less their fault.

    Archive 2007-09-16

  • Libdemologists, it's certainly your last chance to get rat-arsed in Lib Dem Liverpool.

    Last Legs Liverpool Libdemologists: Dutifully Facing Both Ways on Rat-Arsery

  • I just felt I deserved to put my feet up, let my hair down and get completely rat-arsed.

    bumpsadaisy Diary Entry

  • Then you get rat-arsed and let loose at the deer or at other deer-hunters, as takes your fancy.

    The Great Outdoors

  • Having squeezed the name of the broker-above-Boots from the rat-arsed Rosenstein, he had then seduced the broker with a tale about how he himself was going to start making a market in water shares.

    Whispers Of Betrayal

  • "Then we all went out to the pub, of course, and got a bit rat-arsed (drunk)."

    Edmonton Sun


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