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  • n. One who catches rats; particularly one who does so professionally.
  • n. insult, not widely used nowadays but made popular by Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet.


rat +‎ catcher (Wiktionary)


  • The ratcatcher is grotesque, but for Claud—as for Dahl—not half as repulsive as the bureaucrats and state officials, with their joyless university intellects, who seem bent on denying ordinary people their simple pleasures.


  • Toward the end of the novel, Cubbage has an encounter with a ratcatcher called Bunce who—like the bizarre doctor in Foreign Intelligence—looks like a rodent.


  • It could perhaps be a reaction to the lawyer class that, with a few exceptions such as Tom the ratcatcher, dominates the upper echelons of American politics.

    John Terry’s sacking as England captain tells us something interesting...

  • As a doting father, I bought her a $60 ratcatcher shirt.

    Amongst the horses.

  • As for what repels me in historical fiction, I'm not keen on novels about heroines they always seem to be heroines who have visions or mystical leanings or on novels about heroines who experience a sexual awakening at the hands of an obliging artist, peasant, or ratcatcher.

    Appealing historical fiction

  • ‘Keep your recompense for yourself,’ replied the ratcatcher proudly.

    The Red Fairy Book

  • When the Hamel people heard how the affair had ended they rubbed their hands, and with no more scruple than their Town Counsellor, they laughed over the ratcatcher, who, they said, was caught in his own trap.

    The Red Fairy Book

  • The ratcatcher did not expect this treacherous stroke.

    The Red Fairy Book

  • There they found the ratcatcher playing his bagpipes at the same spot as the evening before.

    The Red Fairy Book

  • The people of Hamel did not doubt it; and since that day they regard it as certain that the Transylvanians of Hungary are their country folk, whose ancestors, as children, were brought there by the ratcatcher.

    The Red Fairy Book


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