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  • adj. Similar to a rat
  • adj. Similar to that of a rat; as, a ratlike face, ratlike cunning
  • adv. In a ratlike way

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  • adj. resembling or characteristic of a rat


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  • PHILADELPHIA-She wished in her personal blog that she could call students "ratlike," "frightfully dim" or "dunderheads" on their report cards. - Home Page

  • The whole scene was slightly unsavory, beginning with the ratlike Lemming rifling through things that had actually touched her skin and ending with the hopefully huge check he would write to scoop it all up in his Nike duffel.

    Georgia’s Kitchen

  • Her gaze narrowed until her ratlike eyes nearly disappeared.

    No Mercy

  • “Maybe if you start caring about how you look, I might consider keeping you around when I take over this department, Raquel,” he says, with his usual ratlike smile.

    Good-Bye To All That

  • And she suspected that her ratlike existence on these occasions was due to Grace's reluctance to reveal that she could afford a housekeeper.

    The Devil's Bedpost

  • Eager to please, crouching over him, Evie was smooth, ratlike in a nice way, Buddy thought, a nibbling rodent.


  • Not even creepy ratlike Flighters living in squalor.

    The Soldiers of Halla

  • A sweet-faced young voter sings affectionately to a small evil-looking ratlike creature burrowing into London Paper, to the tune of Ben

    WACKO! - A Musical

  • Stage actor Max Schreck's performance as the blood-sucking Count Orlok, replete with ratlike incisors and elongated fingernails, was so otherworldly that it encouraged the urban legend that he was really a vampire.

    The Arty Horror Picture Show

  • There's a picture of a ravenous looking ratlike creature with a suspicious trouser bulge carrying a club and a bigass knife.

    ana-ng Diary Entry


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