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  • noun Plural form of razorbill.


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  • Stuart Housden, Director of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Scotland, said razorbills, puffins and guillemots that gather in the North Sea in late summer could be at risk.

    Shell: 54,600 gallons of oil spilled in North Sea

  • Here we are treated to dazzling airborne displays by razorbills, kittiwakes and petrels, while friendly puffins strut their stuff, posing while we click away.

    Through the lens: getting close to Welsh wildlife

  • Many of us at the aquarium engaged in lively exchanges with visitors who insisted they saw penguins in Alaska or other locations in the Northern Hemisphere, but they likely saw razorbills, murres, puffins, guillemots, or other birds in the auk family.

    The Great Penguin Rescue

  • Atlantic puffin (Fratercula arctica), dovekie (little auk), razorbills (Alca torda), and black guillemots are legally hunted in Labrador.

    Management and conservation of marine mammals and seabirds in the Arctic

  • Piscivorous alcids (murres, razorbills, puffins, guillemots, murrelets) feed further up the food chain, as they consume bait fish.

    Alcids in marine ecosystems

  • It was hopeless: no sooner had I flushed one wheel of puffins out over the edge than a gannet banked close to its nest and landed; kittiwakes dusted off in a cloud of bleached white, but guillemots flickered back, chocolate and cream; razorbills came, shags went.

    A Year on the Wing

  • Alcidae is the name for a family of marine birds that includes murres, razorbills, dovekies, puffins, guillemots, auklets, and murrelets.

    Alcids in marine ecosystems

  • I had the task of launching into the sky all the seabirds from all the cliffs of Shetland: the shags and razorbills from the boulders at the sea edge, the guillemots and kittiwakes from the open faces of rock, the gannets from their shantytowns along ridge backs and fault lines, the fulmars from the tussocked neuks below the cliff lip, and the puffins from their burrows in the turf on the top.

    A Year on the Wing

  • Gnäggen Island Nature Reserve is particularly important for nesting guillemots Uria aalge and razorbills Alca torda.

    Kvarken Archipelago High Coast, Finland and Sweden

  • Underneath the new, disturbed screaming of kittiwakes and razorbills, he heard the deeper, four-fold alarm note of the big gulls.

    The Wicked Day


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