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  • n. A second or subsequent evaluation or rating


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  • Two decades in the making, the nearly 600-page biography is described as a re-evaluation of Malcolm X's life, bringing fresh insight to subjects including his autobiography, which is still assigned in many college courses, to his assassination at the Audubon Ballroom in Manhattan on Feb. 21, 1965.

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  • The sutura is a special case perhaps, because it runs the gamut from Pinteresque conversational/behavioural non sequiturs like in THE BIRTHDAY PARTY (where the disruption of conventional conversational logic is designed to force a re-evaluation of the system itself, a search for a truer logic of human interactions) to out-and-out breaches of causality like in BUFFET FROID.

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  • Formerly regarded as sacred, water became the object of commodification or "commodization," in the author's terminology and is now undergoing re-evaluation as a treasure that demands respect.

    Any Drop to Drink?

  • John Taylor , an analyst at Arcadia Investment Corp., said investors increasingly believe that "a lot of the heavy lifting has been done at EA," and that the company is coming out of a "period of playing defense and re-evaluation and is trying to go back out and play offense."

    EA to Test Its Might Online

  • Mr. Kan reiterated that an overhaul of the country's nuclear policy will include a re-evaluation of the flawed model of having an oversight agency under a ministry that promotes nuclear power.

    Japan to Dismiss Three Nuclear-Policy Officials

  • A recent re-evaluation of the STAR experiment in Tennessee revealed that students who were in smaller classes in kindergarten had higher earnings in adulthood, as well as a greater likelihood of attending college and having a 410K retirement plan.

    Leonie Haimson: The 7 Myths of Class Size Reduction -- And the Truth

  • And I don't speak of change in the way your Jersey Shore housemember/commencement speaker who's being paid $32,000 to not tan during the speech means it, I'm talking about a genuine re-evaluation of our priorities as a country.

    Dan Treadway: A Few Words for the Class of 2011

  • One option is to bring in capital gains on primary residences, but senior figures are not ruling out a re-evaluation of council tax and the discrepancy that the top council tax band stops at £320,000 and reflects 1991 property values.

    The problem with Mayor-mania

  • But Pickles is adamant that this won't happen, saying that the coalition agreement explicitly rules out a council tax re-evaluation.

    The problem with Mayor-mania

  • Another government aide, in favour of a re-evaluation, disagrees with this.

    The problem with Mayor-mania


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