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  • A river of central South America rising in east-central Brazil at the confluence of the Rio Grande and the Paranaíba and flowing about 2,896 km (1,800 mi) generally southwest to its junction with the Paraguay River then south and east to join the Uruguay River and form the Río de la Plata estuary in eastern Argentina. It was first ascended by Sebastian Cabot in 1526.


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  • His vision of “re-making” America includes the destruction of personal property rights, the destruction of incentive to perform and achieve, the destruction of privacy from government, the destruction of accountability, the destruction of our currency and personal wealth through un-checked federal spending, and the centralizing of power into the Government.

    Obama's Census form – signed, sealed, delivered

  • His re-shaping and re-making and re-defining of what it means to be a success.

    Jay-Z Called A 'Bloody Genius': How Good Is His New Book?

  • And while our own self-interest will inevitably play a major, and perhaps even the major role as our leaders make that decision, I hope the lessons of history help us avoid re-making the mistakes of the past.

    Dr. David Liepert: What To Do About Egypt? Try 'Let My People Go!'

  • AMC is in the process of re-making the classic SF show, The Prisoner, starring Ian McKellen as Number 2.

    February 2009

  • Reinvention, re-making, rebranding; that's the lubricant of modern society's engine.

    Uncategorized Blog Posts

  • Instead of making dim and one sided comments like calling Von Trier pretentious, saying he's going to add genital mutilation, or artsy songs ... just accept the fact that a worldwide loved critic; that you're not into, is re-making the movie.

    Lars von Trier and Martin Scorsese to Remake Taxi Driver, De Niro Again To Star…?!?! | /Film

  • When that career fizzled out, he rolled into the world of political talk radio like a five-ton boulder, crushing everything in sight, and re-making the landscape — using a potent potpourri of hate, lies, ridicule, and a brash hyper-certainty that played to the angry rubes looking for a loudmouth leader to worship and rally their “Falling Down” anger around.


  • So we could cut our emissions far more dramatically by re-making our cities than re-making our cars.

    Priorities « PubliCola

  • This kind of inquiry seemed absent in the brouhaha surrounding the re-making of the show, during which the integrity of both the creative team and the heirs of the Gershwin estate who wanted to update "Porgy and Bess" into a commercially successful musical were called into question.

    Seeking New Clarity in a Provocative Classic

  • Even here in the far left liberal fringes of the country (Maine) the Obama cool-aid drinkers are getting harder to find as this guy's extremist policies, objectives and vision of re-making America become visible to the average person.

    Obama reaches out to small business on health care


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