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  • n. Plural form of reach-around.


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  • Of course, tomorrow, some network news producer could decide that until you sit down for an interview with an actual journalist, as opposed to those reach-arounds you do with Hannity, Beck and Oprah, they're not going to report on you or the things you say.

    Ian Gurvitz: The "Lamestream Media" -- AKA Dr. Palinstein

  • From what He could tell in the commercial, Zac Efron gets in a pillow fight with James Van Derbeek, and then they offer each other reach-arounds.


  • A calf was sacrificed, There were many furtuve reach-arounds given behind closed doors.

    Lee Stranahan: GOP Calls For "National Day Of Foot Stamping & Lip Pursing"

  • Largely this is because our great national legislative bodies are in recess, which means Republicans have returned to their home districts to give reach-arounds to corporate chieftains while talking deregulation at their gold-plated circle jerks.


  • Just to remind you, that coalition of religious zealots, corporate reach-arounds and pajama warriors you put together did a decent job of fooling enough of the country that the damage you've done over the past six years couldn't be undone by Harry Potter.


  • Even the once-intriguing "torture porn" subgenre has become nothing more than a series of impossibly cheap rehashes, rip-offs, and shoddy direct-to-video reach-arounds. | Movie News, Reviews, and Opinions

  • - Older couples having sex on the lawn and talking about "tossing salad" and "reach-arounds"


  • If they got some fresh blood in there with fresh ideas instead of giving each other reach-arounds all god damn day, maybe they wouldn't be sucking the big fail ***** right now.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Digg

  • Chrissy must have found out Dear Leader don't do reach-arounds.

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  • Hey Joe, they're more responsive to "reach-arounds".

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