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  • n. The activation of something previously inactive or inactivated.

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  • n. The act or process of reactivating; specifically, in immunology, the process of rendering an immune serum active again after its complement has been destroyed by age or by heating to 55° C. The amboceptor then remains, but is in itself inactive. If now some fresh blood-serum, from a suitable animal, which contains the necessary complement, is added, the activity of the serum is restored; it has been reactivated.


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  • I was on another blog where they provided scientific data that scent lok suits do not work wet and that the temperature necessary for reactivation is much higher than a household dryer could produce.

    Scent Elimination Debate

  • The call for tolerance, to strip away pre-given assumptions and to make full disclosure by way of reactivation, is the very Logic we are now using.

    Ambiguity Tolerance

  • But the disease arises from the same conditions that cause cold sores: Either a new infection with herpes virus, or the sudden re-awakening - known as "reactivation" - of a herpes infection from where it lies dormant in nerve fibers near the spine. Top headlines

  • That his on-base percentage is so reliant upon his batting average since his reactivation is a bad omen, but we'll take it from first base however we can get it at this point.

    Mets Geek

  • Philip Auslander was recently on campus here talking about Benjamin's idea of "reactivation," noting how listening to a recording makes earlier music a new event.

    We should be on by now

  • Infective anthrax spores could be produced in large numbers at a few days 'notice, three strains of foot-and-mouth virus were available but a three-week "reactivation" period was needed.

    Files reveal Britain's secret biological weapons trials in second world war

  • But for some, there is a sense of failure and defeat in not having enough to participate in the economic gift-giving juggernaut: for others, a kind of reactivation associated with family reunions and memories of Christmas past.

    Jim Selman: Dreaming of a Dark Christmas

  • Aside from the main issues involving Musubi, Karasuba, and the Sekirei "reactivation" via Yume that

    Random Curiosity

  • During the talks, Assad presented a series of "proposals" to "reduce tensions" with Lebanon, such as reactivation of the bilateral security committee, coordination on foreign policy, and an end to the Lebanese "media campaign" and "inflammatory statements by politicians."

    Across the Bay

  • During this process, the initial activity of the cells is incoherent, but via repeated reactivation the activity pattern is pieced together until the original pattern is complete.

    What are memories made of?


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