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  • n. The act of reading data back from a location where it has been stored.
  • n. The repetition of a message one has received, in order to acknowledge it.


read +‎ back (Wiktionary)


  • "readback" mistake not noticed by the London City tower controller.

    Your Local Guardian | Wimbledon

  • So, I was web wandering .. because at the moment the pile of notebooks looks too intimidating, The readback was several minutes “How the hell did I write myself into that corner?”, and the list of “Other writing projects,” the ones I keep near at hand when the novel starts eating my brain, is a little higher and scarier than I want it to be right now.

    How I Know I’m a Writer at SF Novelists

  • Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Jim Peters said the agency is reviewing the "pilot readback error."

    US Capitol Evacuated Over Unauthorized Aircraft In Airspace

  • It could be a request for readback or it could be a hung jury.

    Just Take My Heart

  • She also reflected that while she had hopefully benefited from the crisp readback of Eastons testimony, so might Aldrich benefit from an equally crisp readback of his testimony, which would not reflect the quivering hesitancy that had been in his voice and his demeanor.

    Just Take My Heart

  • The court reporter finished Eastons readback at 1:15.

    Just Take My Heart

  • Both witnesses gave lengthy testimony, and I anticipate that the readback will take the rest of the day.

    Just Take My Heart

  • Judge Stevens indicated that there would be a forty-five-minute lunch recess and that they would resume at two oclock for the readback of Gregg Aldrichs testimony.

    Just Take My Heart

  • In her office, with the door closed, she took comfort in the fact that the readback had been delivered in a low-key and professional tone by the court reporter.

    Just Take My Heart

  • Were going to have readback of both Easton and Aldrichs testimony, Emily informed him.

    Just Take My Heart


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