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  • adj. of or relating to readers.


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  • I wanted a kind of readerly innocence of the inner workings of the sausage factory to inform my list.

    Possible Impossible: Best-of Book Lists

  • She was the reason that Art in America was so well-written while being "readerly" and as jargon and trendy-language-free as possible.


  • For a while, I kept things like Bolaño's By Night in Chile, Tanizaki's Seven Japanese Tales, and Zoe Wicomb's Playing in the Light on the possibles list, but they came off one by one for different reasons Tanizaki because I wanted novels rather than more stories, Wicomb because I find the shifting viewpoints of the novel annoying and didn't really look forward to rereading it and though I adore her You Can't Get Lost in Cape Town, I once included it in a class and it was just too subtle for the students to appreciate, the Bolaño because it requires a certain kind of readerly sophistication that I just don't know how to teach to kids who've just come from high school and, more often than not, don't like reading.

    Murder Madness Mayhem

  • In "Finding Everett Ruess," David Roberts, an accomplished climber-turned-journalist, tells three intertwined stories: of the young man's brief life; of his unlikely afterlife, when his writings were published and became the object of readerly devotion; and of a kind of detective story— Mr. Roberts, tracking Ruess's route, found a body and had it tested for Ruess's DNA the preliminary tests showed a match, but later ones did not.

    Climbing Mount Everett

  • One has certain models of excellence, certain standards of prose evolved with the hope sometimes of teachers and editors, and certain readerly expectations that one hopes, as a writer, to satisfy.

    Beyond the Underground:

  • Conventional academic wisdom now holds that there are two kinds of book: difficult, "writerly" art-novels (for intellectuals) and simple "readerly" mass-market fiction (for the rest of us peasants).

    In Brief: Science Fiction

  • Your evident generosity of spirit, wit and good readerly sense are much appreciated by the Old Dog.

    A Passion for Life « Tales from the Reading Room

  • At what point do you give up on that ‘something’, that readerly prize for continuing to read?

    A Bit of an Experiment « Tales from the Reading Room

  • By his definitions, I strongly value readerly qualities, whereas extreme writerly qualities like complete lack of punctuation and indeterminacy of meaning leave me cold.

    Reading Workshop I « Tales from the Reading Room

  • I have no idea what Barthes looks like but somehow I can still picture him, scanning his bookshelves and muttering to himself It is an interesting distinction he makes and I can completely agreee with him that the writerly is more realistic in the sense of being true to what reality is like than the readerly.

    Reading Workshop I « Tales from the Reading Room


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