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  • noun Plural form of realist.


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  • Atheists -- some prefer the term realists, which has less emotional baggage -- should continue to advocate the end of tax breaks for religious groups and the creation of a strong wall of separation between church and state. Main RSS Feed

  • The problem with metaphysical realists is that they need to insist we are all flies in the bottle, for good or ill, and that is simply not true – a gross exaggeration of the importance of epistemology, one of the few useful points to take from PMN. myglesias says:

    Matthew Yglesias » Influential Books

  • It may not provide James Wood with a sampling of the human that meets his high moral standards, but to suggest that the dispute between realists and anti-realists is over who gets to be more "human" seems to me supremely unjust, if not simply absurd.

    Realism in Fiction

  • But who are these people and why are they called realists?

    The Old American Century: Twenty Years of Realist Foreign Policy

  • But who are these people and why are they called realists?

    The Old American Century: Twenty Years of Realist Foreign Policy

  • Yes, we know about the studies that show optimists are more likely to live longer, have good relationships and achieve their goals than the people they call pessimists and we call realists.

    The Full Feed from

  • Finally, Tanenhaus's glorification of all things nonfiction is fairly obviously a way of belittling the practices of current novelists, who no longer -- not even the remaining "realists" -- respect the "classic technique of fiction."

    Narrative Nonfiction

  • It should have been easily predictable - especially to "realists" - that their "Harvard report" would be featured, as it has been, on neo-Nazi and extremist websites, and even by terrorist organizations, and that it would be used by overt anti-Semites to "validate" their paranoid claims of a worldwide Jewish conspiracy.

    Alan Dershowitz: The Lobby, Jews, and Anti-Semites

  • Brooks -- and others appearing to be "realists" -- do not address the unilateral character of the Israeli military withdrawal.

    Meditations in a Time of Delusions and Lies - 13: Remember Lebanon?

  • It's obvious- just read the wisdom of ghost, nose, dye, kat and the other "realists"- every man-jack of this team and staff now add reporters too needs to be hog-tied in the center of Giants stadium and blown up along with the structure itself.

    NY Daily News


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