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  • n. A voice; a sound.
  • n. Fame, renown.

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  • n. A voice; sound.


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From Middle English rerd, from Old English reord ("voice, speech, language"), from Proto-Germanic *rizdō, *razdō (“voice, language, speech”), from Proto-Indo-European *res- (“to shout, speak”). Cognate with Old High German rarta ("sound, voice, harmony"), Old Norse rǫdd ("voice, speech, song"), Gothic 𐍂𐌰𐌶𐌳𐌰 (razda, "tongue, speech, language, dialect").


  • Some of Shariah * is* practiced here legally, in conjunction with Singapore's civil jurisprudence, especially with reard to marital relations (marriage, divorce), inheritance laws, and perhaps a few other areas.

    The "Manifesto" against Islamism

  • June 18, 2008 at 6:17 am when danjer reard itz uglee hed, the cheezpeeps turned their tayles and fled…

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  • Editor's 31 May 1:58 pm EDT Update: I got the following from J.D. Harrington at 1:58 pm EDT today with reard to a posting I made yesterday at 5:42 pm EDT.

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  • Government is especially important in this reard since defence conversion requires a national effort.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • A house wi 'a reek and a wife wi' a reard will mak a man rin to the door.

    The Proverbs of Scotland

  • Because at the time of his "investigation" of the crimes by the WH, refused to prosecute the Orcas of war crimes, corruption, crimes galore, to go after that sardine of Scott Libby, when all roads led to the reard pervert from Texas and that Dart Vader with that evil and crooked perennial grin of his. Top headlines

  • * Wide is the fronting gate, and, raised on high, With adamantine columns threats the sky; Vain is the force of man, and Heaven's as vain, To crush the pillars which the pile sustain: Sublime on these a tower of steel is reard.

    The Heart of Mid-Lothian, Complete

  • Yes, high risk high rewards, but thankfully not a reard they deserved for a poorly vetted person. News

  • I hate to point this out to you reard, but the first paragraph of your post addressed to me at 6: 23 pm was by another poster, you moron.

    News » Julie Henry


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