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  • n. Rebirth.
  • n. An act of resetting a player character's level to its initial value (i.e., 1) while retaining equipment and/or some skills (a feature that allows a player to try out different classes or builds).
  • n. The practice of simulating the birth process by wrapping a child tightly in blankets from which it must struggle to escape, as an intended treatment for attachment disorder.
  • n. The practice of transferring identifying parts of a wrecked car (registration plates, compliance plate, etc.) onto a stolen car of the same make and model, allowing the stolen car to be sold with the identity of the wreck.
  • n. The role-playing practice of bodily crawling into and reemerging from a simulated vagina.


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  • She’s made an entire career out of what she calls rebirthing—a method of breathing where you connect your inhale and your exhale.

    Jumpstart Your Metabolism

  • But the crux of the whole program was a breathing process called rebirthing.

    Jumpstart Your Metabolism

  • One of two Colorado therapists shown in a videotape giving "rebirthing" therapy to a 10-year-old girl who lost consciousness and later died.


  • They've already connected with the Mayas and "rebirthing" covered in papaya pulp through a plastic tube ceremonies.

    Quotes of the Day

  • Fortunately, that wasn't the case with Comedy Central's "rebirthing" of 'Futurama.'

    Inside TV Blog

  • Because of these long-submerged, painful feelings, Debbie’s breathing program included a special, therapeutic breath called rebirthing, which I mentioned earlier.

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  • Although it’s a little disjointed, this book gives a good understanding of what Sondra calls rebirthing.

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  • The Reagan administration's EPA did join with the bay states to pledge a mutual restoration effort 25 years ago, but that "rebirthing" effort is still struggling to deliver.

    Blog updates

  • a "rebirthing" course paid for by the taxpayer, and getting the mickey from us won't make her day any better.

    Toronto Sun

  • "rebirthing" expense to a "friendly news organization" to discredit Auditor General Sheila

    Ottawa Sun


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