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  • adv. In a recessive fashion.

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  • In a recessive or retrograde manner; with a backward movement or course.


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recessive +‎ -ly


  • After her sister found that she was an asymptomatic carrier for Bloom syndrome,42 a rare, recessively inherited, cancer-predisposing disease, Wojcicki checked her own results on the 23andMe Genome Explorer.

    The $1,000 Genome

  • Those light-eye genes move recessively through the generations, so my sister has them, as does one cousin in each branch of my family.

    Rani Singh: I Don't See How I Can Ever Go Back to Swat Valley

  • And what if it had turned out that her genes were just recessively dark?

    Race as disability

  • Edward Norton's honest, jittery firepower owes less to showmanship, more to the recessively neurotic.

    Burn This : Ed Norton Steps Into John Malkovich's Very Tight Croc Shoes

  • Here we confirm that a late-onset form of NCL recessively segregates in US and French pedigrees of American Staffordshire Terrier


  • Specifically, the authors point to one way in which the X is exposed to selection to a greater extent than the autosomal genome: males are haploid for most of the X chromosomal genes because they only have one copy, so recessively expressed traits are always expressed in males. of traits such as color blindness are the most well known result of this phenomenon.

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science

  • Pediatrics, Pompe disease results from a recessively inherited deficiency in the gene encoding acid alpha-glucosidase (GAA), an enzyme that converts glycogen to glycogen in the lysosome, a saclike storage organelle in the cell that acts as a waste disposal system, leading to muscle weakness, organ damage including the brain, and possible death.

    Scientific American

  • Since DIRA is recessively inherited, these data suggest that it may be present in about 1 in 6,300 births in this population.


  • Hempel’s twin daughters suffered from a rare, recessively inherited disorder that occurs more frequently in Ashkenazi Jews: Niemann-Pick Type C, sometimes known as “childhood Alzheimer’s disease.”

    The $1,000 Genome

  • It's linked recessively to the X chromosome and passed through the female line. " News


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