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  • v. Present participle of recombine.
  • n. The exchanging of genetic material
  • adj. That undergoes recombination


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  • There will be a role for Edgeio-like aggregators to play in recombining and sanitizing those feeds, but the idea of paying a centralized job board a fee of $200 will ultimately become a nonsense.

    Is Mike losing his Edgeio?

  • Though "recombining" elements of popular music is a court case in the making, there has, he suggests, not surprisingly been an enormous interest in creating music for ringtones and for games.

    David Cope: 'You pushed the button and out came hundreds and thousands of sonatas'

  • It was frustrated ancient scribes who first realized the limitations of literal pictographs and began decoupling and recombining sounds, symbols and meanings—in short, punning—to invent history's first true alphabet.

    What in the Word? Rules For Better Punmanship

  • More importantly, it prompts one to ask why recombining these tropes is a worthwhile activity to begin with.

    Genre Fiction

  • When a coding region carrying two or more recombination sites undergoes an inversion, the protein sequence changes because there is now a new string of triplet codons between the recombining sites.

    James A. Shapiro: DNA as Poetry: Multiple Messages in a Single Sequence

  • Although there are many definitions of the word, the one that I personally prefer is this: creativity is the act of taking bits of information -- from your internal store of memories, knowledge, and skills or from the external environment -- and combining and recombining them in novel and original ways to come up with a new idea or product that serves a purpose.

    Shelley Carson, Ph.D.: Creativity in the 21st Century (Part 2): Is the Web a Hindrance or an Aid?

  • Abrahamson and Dinniss suggested that as the silicon vapour cools, it condenses into a floating aerosol, bound into a ball by charges that gather on its surface and glowing from the heat of the silicon recombining with oxygen.

    Ball lightning

  • In a striking parallel, Lupas et al. have proposed that modern protein folds evolved by recombination of ancient peptide modules, such that the folds have independent and polyphyletic origins although they all ultimately derive from the same recombining pool of genetic elements encoding primordial peptides.

    A Disclaimer for Behe?

  • Images and phrases suddenly break off, disappear, and then later resurface in new contexts, colliding with or collapsing into one another, recombining to make themselves and the whole world new again, albeit through a process that bears an uncanny (and unsettling) resemblance to endlessly flipping through TV channels in the deep ditch of insomniac night.

    Small Press Poetry: A Summer Reading List

  • As the FDIC closes down marginal banks it is recombining Main Street banking DNA into an expanding set of mid-tier institutions.

    Dennis Santiago: Solving "Too Big to Fail": The Pursuit of Clarity


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