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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of reconnoiter.
  • adj. Of a region or situation that has been surveyed (especially in a military situation).


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  • More men in dark suits emerged from the cars and briskly reconnoitered the area, positioning themselves around the limousines.

    The Omega Theory

  • In January 2009, Headley traveled to Copenhagen, where he reconnoitered the Jyllands-Posten newspaper on the pretext that he ran an immigration business that was looking to place some advertising in the paper.

    The Longest War

  • I first reconnoitered the ground, and then divided the regiment into companies and detachments, with proper supports and reserves, according to the cover and duties to be performed, which were principally to guard the roads against cavalry, the right and left wings against flankers, and to watch the movements of the enemy, and also groups of from one to one hundred, to pick off gunners and protect batteries.

    Your History Moment: Hiram Berdan’s Sharpshooters in the Siege of Yorktown « Third Point of Singularity

  • When a U.S. Navy ship reconnoitered in international waters off Hainan Island in March 2009, China's maritime militia, disguised as fishermen, drove it away.

    Asia's Mistrust of China

  • Scarcely were Brown and McTavish back at the table when the latter reconnoitered.


  • Through prickly Holly leaves she reconnoitered Josie-Lynn pacing back and forth near the stop sign.

    The Grass of Hermosa Bend

  • Their three targets — the Park Residence guesthouse, the modern high-rise mall and hotel complex next door, and a smaller guesthouse just across the street — had clearly been well reconnoitered.


  • Mike: We went over to the sports bar I had reconnoitered earlier.

    Date Lab: Is it a bad date -- or just a bad match?

  • Coché reconnoitered once more, suggesting to him that while he “loves to play,” he feels guilty unless Rachael plays with him.


  • The truck with the wounded Red Army soldiers stopped at a village that seemed deserted, and Kalashnikov, the driver, and a lieutenant with burned hands reconnoitered the town.

    The Gun


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