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  • n. The creation, collection and management of records, especially of a business or governmental nature


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record +‎ keeping


  • "Tidy recordkeeping" is not a hallmark of my lifestyle, unless your definition of "tidy" includes "packrat in a windtunnel"

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  • Q Is there concern about the fact that the report could not cover the eight-month period following the firings of the staff there because of a lack of adequate recordkeeping, which is supposedly the reason why the staff was fired in the first place?

    Press Briefing By Mike Mccurry

  • While one time is inexusable but understandable, the same occurance happening at teh same school within five years is more than a "recordkeeping" issue, it is a leadership issue.

    Graduated in Error?

  • Fidelity's assets under administration, including accounts for which it provides services such as recordkeeping, rose 23 percent to $3.2 trillion in 2009. --

  • Commercial pilots also have plenty of responsibilities to tend to on the ground, such as recordkeeping, maintenance, and loading the aircraft.

    U.S. News

  • The commission said it was prepared to impose "very significant fines" if it finds the utility's "recordkeeping policies and practices contributed to the loss of life and injuries."

    PG&E Faces Fines in Pipeline Probe

  • The CPUC, citing federal concerns, said its investigation would determine if PG&E's "recordkeeping represents a deficient engineering practice" that "fostered unsafe PG&E decision making" on its pipelines.

    PG&E Faces Fines in Pipeline Probe

  • Congress has also been inconsistently applying notice posting and recordkeeping requirements to itself.

    Congress turns budget-cutting knife on itself

  • Many lenders engaged in indefensibly sloppy recordkeeping.

    Tanya D. Marsh: A Government-Mandated Foreclosure Moratorium Is a Popular (and Bad) Idea

  • But as millions of homes have fallen into foreclosure, Peterson said, "the MERS system doesn't provide a substitute for all the recordkeeping" that never took place during the boom years.

    Reston-based company MERS in the middle of foreclosure chaos


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