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  • He was a great, tall, bristling Orson of a fellow, full six feet and some inches in his stockings, and arrayed in a red flannel hunting-shirt.

    Uncle Tom's cabin, or Life among the lowly

  • She hadn't changed, bar the rheumatics from which she could get relief only by cocking a foot up on the table — damned unnerving it was, to have her boot beside your cup, and a great lean shank in red flannel among the muffins. 9

    Flashman and the Mountain of Light

  • When interviewed in his private consulting-room, he presents himself in a black merino dressing-gown girt about with a red cord, in red slippers, a red flannel waistcoat,


  • I have accomplished this while still wearing my red flannel pajamas, the ones with the revealing snap-fly in the bottoms.

    Life As We Know It

  • Alice and the Mouse had pistols in their belts, large old flint-locks, with bits of red flannel behind the flints.

    The Wouldbegoods

  • Next day we made a Union Jack out of pocket-handkerchiefs and part of a red flannel petticoat of the White Mouse's, which she did not want just then, and some blue ribbon we got at the village shop.

    The Wouldbegoods

  • We did not bother to dress up much for the hunting expedition – just cocked hats and lath swords; and we tied a card on to H. O.'s chest with "Moat House Fox-Hunters" on it; and we tied red flannel round all the dogs 'necks to show they were fox-hounds.

    The Wouldbegoods

  • (By permission of Messrs Macmillan & Co.) for example, the use of red flannel by old-fashioned folk with which to tie up sore throats -- red having once been supposed to be a colour very angatonistic to evil spirits; so much so that at one time red cloth hung in the patient's room was much employed as a cure for smallpox!

    Bygone Beliefs


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