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  • n. a small but violent terrorist organization formed in Ecuador in the early 1990s; responsible for bombing several government buildings


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  • Daxamite power levels are identical to Kryptonians, except Kryptonians store the power of the yellow sun and remain fairly powerful for a short while even when back under a red sun, whereas the Daxamites lose their powers instantaneously under the red sun, and of course Kryptonians are only vulnerable to kryptonite, Daxamites to lead.

    Green Lantern Corps #16 | Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News

  • For a moment, the colors took his mind back to Vulcan—to childhood days when the red sun had slid beneath a distant horizon, and golden sands had begun to cool beneath his bare feet.

    Killing Time

  • Ten miles farther up the river, when the red sun was just striking the tops of the oaks and willows on the far side, they saw the ferry moored in the shadow of a huge cypress.


  • The wind was balmy and it rattled the dry palm fronds on the lakeshore, and I watched the red sun set on the horizon and reflect on the green, capping surface of the water.

    Heaven’s Prisoners

  • Nestor, who had lived so long and seen so much, the hours glided swiftly by, and the red sun was stooping to the horizon when Mentor rose from his seat and said: "We must be going; the hour of rest is at hand, and to-morrow we have far to go."

    Stories from the Odyssey

  • Meanwhile, the red sun and its planet were looming large upon the screen.

    Hunters Out of Space

  • Wise Men appear as three buffaloes bringing gifts; in another as "the fine rain, the red sun, and the bright moon," showing that nature worship can assume a very fair semblance of Christianity.

    A Survey of Russian Literature, with Selections

  • Yet even then, as the red sun lit up the place of their death, we could see that the marks of their chalky hands bided on the handles of their picks, fresh as if made yesterday.

    A King's Comrade A Story of Old Hereford

  • It was evening; and as the red sun, magnified, launched into the wave, once more, from a wild strand, we launched our three canoes.

    Mardi: and A Voyage Thither, Vol. II (of 2)

  • I often tumbled her long, brown hair, while she stood in the garden by the apple-tree, musing, and not heeding how I strewed the blossoms on her hair, and dishevelled it; or sometimes, while she stood gazing at the red sun and the golden sky through the opening branches of the dark, thick foliage of the garden trees.

    Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen


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