from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Having a red tail.


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  • And to make it more confusing, the English use different words than we do; for instance, their buzzards aren’t our vultures, but what we would call our red-tailed and ferruginous hawks.


  • The bald eagles, red-tailed hawks, the falcon circled or chose high perches suitable for diving attacks.

    Bird Cloud

  • But I suspected there were young in the nest the first week in April, mostly because I saw one of the bald eagles vigorously chasing a red-tailed hawk nearby.

    Bird Cloud

  • The eagles fought and chased red-tailed hawks away from the nest day after day.

    Bird Cloud

  • If these were the old residents they must have been disappointed as the cliff was alive with falcons and eagles and red-tailed hawks.

    Bird Cloud

  • There were so many jealous and territorial birds around—within half a mile two pairs of goldens, red-tailed hawks, one pair of peregrine falcons, and a little farther west the raven family and the fierce prairie falcons—that any one of them might have seen the osprey as an interloper.

    Bird Cloud

  • Before I pulled the trigger, a red-tailed hawk swooped down, snatching my kill right out from under me.

    Mercy Kill

  • Monday, February 23, 2009 at 03: 35 PM cold this morning, but the sun shines brightly; red-tailed hawk lazily left its perch in nearby tree.

    Paradis - French Word-A-Day

  • Its obscurity was disturbed six years ago when bird watchers reported that building workers had removed a nest of red-tailed hawks, including a well-known hawk dubbed Pale Male by bird watchers.

    Wasserstein Sale Seeks Quick Bids

  • In this life, the sheltered bend of the river where the trout linger, the trees where the red-tailed hawks live and the stubbled fields of water where the duck rest during their yearly pilgrimage are all known.

    Ian Welsh: Carl Safina's View From Lazy Point: Expanding the Circle of Compassion One More Time


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