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  • v. To describe again.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To describe a second time; describe again: as, Nasua narica was redescribed by Von Tschudi as N. leucorhynchus.


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re- + describe


  • And, to take another theme that some have argued to be basic for the understanding of liberalism, it is more than the liberty of a detached individual to 'redescribe' the world in art, imagination and philosophy.

    Rome Lecture: 'Secularism, Faith and Freedom'

  • In effect, this is to argue that Wilson and Sober have failed to identify a new form of group selection, trait group selection, since at best they have offered a way to redescribe how natural selection operates on individuals and genes.

    The Biological Notion of Individual

  • What makes Christianity distinct is the resolve not to redescribe such 'evils' as ultimately good, and therefore to accept the personal consequences of deliberately choosing to sin.

    Ante-bellum thoughts on Iraq

  • At worst, pro-life groups have been actively working to redescribe traditional means of birth control, such as the pill, as “abortifacients,” and have been fighting state laws mandating insurance coverage for birth control by falsely saying they fund abortions.

    Alas, a blog » 2006 » March

  • A. BRUCIA. Well, the hardest part is listening to Judge Owens redescribe everything that happened to Carlie.

    CNN Transcript Mar 15, 2006

  • The plausibility of Spinoza's view depends upon the extent to which it can reasonably redescribe this desire, and other similarly troubling desires, in ways which are consistent with IIIp28.

    Spinoza's Psychological Theory

  • Quite generally it might be said that we may always redescribe apparent counter-examples to the Weak Principle so that qualitatively identical objects symmetrically situated are interpreted as the very same object.

    The Identity of Indiscernibles

  • I think when we do that, we will redescribe ourselves.

    CNN Transcript Apr 6, 2005

  • The problems facing the developing world afford us in the developed world a chance to redescribe ourselves in very dangerous times...

    Archive 2004-12-01

  • Even if we can redescribe some of the problems the heuristic and biases program is meant to explain with, e.g., Bayesian probability, or some other version of bounded rationality, the fact remains that people do not always behave optimally, and this suboptimality can be at least partially explained by the failure to stick to the formal rules of logic or probability.

    Archive 2004-12-01


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