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  • intransitive v. To refuse home mortgages or home insurance to areas or neighborhoods deemed poor financial risks.
  • intransitive v. To reach the maximum engine speed at which an engine is designed to be safely operated: The car redlined at 80 miles per hour in fourth gear.
  • intransitive v. Computer Science To mark or highlight edited text, as with a red line, to distinguish it from unedited portions of a document.
  • transitive v. To discriminate against by refusing to grant loans, mortgages, or insurance to.
  • transitive v. To remove from operational status because of mechanical defects or the need for scheduled maintenance: redlined three fighter aircraft.
  • transitive v. Computer Science To mark (edited text) by redlining.
  • n. A safety limit, as marked on a gauge.
  • n. Sports The red line at the center of an ice hockey rink, running parallel to the goal lines and dividing the rink in half.
  • n. Sports Either of two red lines running across an ice hockey rink near the end boards, in the center of which the goal is positioned.

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  • n. A drawing, document, etc. that has been marked for correction or modification.
  • n. The maximum speed at which the engine in a car is designed to operate.
  • v. To mark a drawing or document for correction or modification.
  • v. To run an internal combustion engine to its maximum or maximum recommended speed.

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  • v. discriminate in selling or renting housing in certain areas of a neighborhood


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  • Microsoft Word has this this editing thing called redline/strikethrough or strikeout or something.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Recent Computer Crime Legislation — The Actual Text, So You Can Read It Yourself:

  • When we got back [from White House staff] this extensive edited version, called the redline, two days before we were supposed to submit the report to Congress on March 29, 2007, that paragraph was deleted.

    Square Peg, Round Hole

  • But it blows them away in fuel consumption (17 / 25 mpg TDI, 14 / 19 mpg for the V-6 gasoline, 12 / 17 mpg for the V-8 FSI gasoline), and it performs much like the V-8 minus a little top end urge because the redline is a bit below 5,000 rpm.

    The Car Connection

  • Sanger says the White House hasn't publicly stated where the "redline" on Iran is, maybe because he doesn't want the media to know?

    TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

  • For Israel, the "redline" is not so much when Iran has enough enrichment capacity for weapons-grade material.

    Nathan Gardels: Dennis Ross: 18 Months to Avoid War with Iran

  • Will Google publicly pledge to not "redline" neighborhoods but serve all people in a community?

    The Precursor Blog by Scott Cleland

  • "If the select group of property insurance companies are allowed to 'redline' areas of the state they do not wish to write, this will harm consumers and investors who have worked in good faith to create a competitive marketplace that has benefited all Florida," Crist said.

    Tampa Business News - Local Tampa News | The Tampa Bay Business Journal

  • Unlike a lot of modern engines, the power actually tapers off before the redline, meaning you won't find yourself constantly hitting the rev-limiter, thank you Nissan.

    Jalopnik: Top

  • 500 RPM before the redline, meaning it's difficult to blend gears together up-shifting under maximum acceleration on the road.


  • In Cleveland, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago, the redline of affordable real estate between one neighborhood and another marks mortality.

    So Much Pretty


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